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Yvonne first received her Physician's Assistant training at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and later attended a PA surgical residency at the Yale University School of Medicine/Norwalk Hospital Surgical Program. Continuing education is prioritized by Yvonne as she regularly attends various international aesthetic trainings throughout the year. This dedication to education ensures that Sculpt patients receive safe, proven, and innovative aesthetic treatments. 


As a licensed medical practitioner, Yvonne has undergone comprehensive education and training to understand human anatomy and physiology, and the elegant interplay of the muscles and tissues that respond to aesthetic treatments. Having worked for decades as a PA in various medical disciplines from respiratory therapy to plastic surgery, Yvonne couples her brilliant eye for symmetry and beauty with her extensive medical background to help patients achieve their goals. 

Patients of Yvonne are educated throughout the process so no questions are left unanswered, any concerns can be appropriately addressed, and a patient's goals are thoroughly discussed to ensure flawless execution.

At Sculpt, it is understood that beauty is about far more than vanity. For many of her patients, improving their appearance results in an increase in self-esteem, desire to connect with others, and confidence, making each creative process incredibly rewarding for Yvonne.

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